A Chef on Wheels!


On the day of college graduation students feel hopeful, invincible, and ready to embark on a path towards their career. Nikkie’s path took a detour…

On graduation day 2010 Nikkie Say was in a car accident, broke her spine and was suddenly paralyzed. She had just completed a degree in Culinary Arts and was excited about working in an adrenaline-filled, fast paced restaurant environment. Over the past five years she has not abandoned what she loves as she adjusts to life on wheels! Nikkie, aka The Wheelchair Chef, now has a catering business, is a personal chef and is about to publish a series of cookbooks called Using Essential Oils When Cooking.

When reflecting on some of the logistical struggles such as loading the car for a job, having to hire an assistant for bigger gigs, or renting a kitchen when larger events call for it, Nikkie says, “Sometimes people ask me how can I do all this… but, how can I NOT do it?!?! It is a gift to have the ability and use of my arms and hands to do something that I love. I am so blessed! I can’t imagine not doing this.”

Nikkie practices a natural and holistic lifestyle using natural remedies, cutting out processed foods and incorporating essential oils in her day. When cooking for herself or others she likes to use fresh ingredients from local co-ops or home-grown herbs.

“I feel so much better without all the chemicals and my body can function, heal and recover as it is supposed to.”

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