BACKBONES was born when friends and family of Reveca Torres started a fundraising campaign in order to help pay for medical expenses after a spinal cord injury. Surrounded by great people, Reveca realized the importance of a support system to help reach one’s goals after an injury and the impact others with similar injuries had — they provided motivation and confidence that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

With the support and guidance of so many, Reveca Torres and co-founders Veronica Gott, Patricia Mikicic and Annie Gonzalez put a long-time goal into motion and transformed BACKBONES into what it is today: a place to connect with others with the purpose of learning, teaching, and sharing.

Reveca serves as Executive Director of BACKBONES.

About Reveca…

Reveca Torres. While on a family vacation in Mexico, Reveca fractured her spinal cord in an automobile accident and was paralyzed. Reveca finished high school and started college unsure if she could physically pursue the career she had always dreamed of: fashion design. With a few adaptations, she was the first student using a wheelchair to complete the fashion degree at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois and continued her studies in Theater Arts at the University of Arizona.

Reveca has worked with many organizations to provide resources on recreation, disability rights, college, travel, employment, and fitness to people with disabilities. She is contributor to New Mobility Magazine and on the board of United Spinal Association. Reveca is an artist and uses painting, illustration, photography, film, movement, and other media as a form of expression and a tool for advocacy and social justice. She stays active and healthy by following a fitness routine and practicing yoga. Whether it’s surfing in California, scuba diving in the Bahamas, cleaning beaches in Costa Rica, attending fashion shows in Paris, or coming up with ideas for BACKBONES, Reveca loves to try new things and encourages others to do what they love too!