Clever Products That Could Be Useful for People with Disabilities


I must confess I spend more time than I want and should on social media, sometimes stopping to read an important article and other times mindlessly scrolling… And, sometimes I run into clever (or silly??) products or ideas that make you think, “Who thought of this? And, why?”

Aaaand, sometimes I think, “Oh, this might actually be really helpful for a wheelchair user!” or “This would totally help a quad!”

Check out some of the things I’ve come across lately and let us know if you have tried them or think they would be helpful!

The Bagnet was designed to keep your bag off the floor with a loop and magnet… Maybe it can be attached to other things that are not purses!
Bagnet Website


Clever Cutter – You know, to cut stuff!


BevBuckle is a belt buckle that holds your drink. Now you can get rid of those cupholders that attach to your chair and always break

BevBuckle Website


Wine Glass Necklace Holder
Cool! And doesn’t have to be a wine glass.

Please share any others!

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