If You Could Thank Someone Who Would It Be?


At BACKBONES we are always thinking about community and those who are part of our support teams that make SCI life possible. We are constantly thankful for our staff, donors, board members, volunteers, peer supporters, healthcare workers, advocates, and families who are helping us build a strong community.

We know life after spinal cord injury can be overwhelming but there are those special people in our lives that make a world of a difference every day. Maybe we forget to say thank you or can’t thank them enough — Well, here is an opportunity to show your gratitude!

Whether you are someone with SCI/D, a parent, sibling, spouse, friend, doctor, nurse, physical or occupational therapist, or home health aide please take a moment to fill out the form below so BACKBONES can send a virtual thank you note on your behalf.

Complete the form by November 18th, 2022 to guarantee a Thank You note will be sent on your behalf.

Name of person you want BACKBONES to thank on your behalf
How do you know them? (Parent, sibling, friend, teacher, co-worker, therapist, caregiver, etc.)