Jay Scott – High Roller #15


“I am a science and numbers kinda guy. Photography caught me by surprise.”

In 1997 Jay’s truck rolled in an accident and he broke his neck at C5/6 vertebrae. After 6 months of inpatient rehabilitation he returned to high school, went to a trade school and somewhere along the way found a camera.

The only other encounter with photography had been through his Uncle Fred who was very artistic and captured beautiful outdoor images. At first Jay purchased some adaptations such as an oral shutter release. He then invented his own to fit his physical and creative needs. Today, Jay Scott has become comfortable and skilled at using his camera and lenses without any adaptions.

Jay believes in the power people with spinal cord injuries and disabilities have to educate and empower each other. For this reason he created a blog called Challenging Reality where he has merged his creativity and the skills and knowledge acquired after his SCI. Challenging Reality is a growing collection of artistically photographed barriers to quadriplegics and the technology that allows them to overcome those barriers, survive, and complete tasks otherwise difficult, if not impossible, to complete.

The images are great and the information that accompanies them very valuable! Check out Challenging Reality, and read more on Jay:

Current Residence: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Do you have a pet? Yes a dog named Kiwi. She is barky.

Accomplishment you are most proud of: “Being married to a wonderful woman for 9 years.”(They just celebrated their anniversary!)

Do you drive? Yes, I drive from my wheelchair.

Where did you go on your last vacation? Vancouver and Seattle. My wife and I took a road trip. I drove on all the curvy parts.

Favorite Hobbies: Cooking and Photography

What do you wish you had more time for? More time for photography. Less time on personal care, when I could be working on photography.

Dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask? Joe McNally (National Geographic photographer). I would ask him: “What would your recommendation be for photographers with greater limitations?”

Do you have mentors? Who? Chase Jarvis, for his work and the photography educational opportunities at Creative Live; David Hobby (Strobist.com); and Joe McNally.

Short term goal: Post all of my completed work related to Challenging Reality.

Long Term Goal: Develop a routine for exercise and optimum health. It’s hard to be motivated to work out without a buddy. I need a buddy.

Additional Comments? “Do your best to not live for your disability only. Try and enjoy normal things as much as possible.”

Jay Scott Photography

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