Nicholas Fonner- High Roller #1


Baby. Baby. Bay-Beeee! That’s what Nick and Suzzi have on their minds these days since the arrival of beautiful baby Brin!

Nick and Suzzi have been friends since high school and a little more than friends for 13 years. They started dating about a year after Nick’s injury at age 17 and they have been married for 7 years now.

Nick was injured at the C5/6 level and uses a manual chair. He’s a hard core guy- social worker by day and dad, athlete, husband and all around goof-ball the rest of the time. As co-captain of the Chicago Bears Wheelchair Rugby Team, Nick has been able to travel all over the US and internationally. After 13 years of being in the sport- sweat, hits, expenses and sports chairs- rugby is not simply a hobby, It’s a way of Life!

Not a “spotlight” type of guy, Nick would much rather help others achieve their own spotlight and have positive experiences with those he interacts with. His mentors have been people in his life who have opened his mind to new ideas.

Random Must-Know Facts About Nick:

Do you have a pet? Lola, a two year old Boxer.

What’s your dream job? What I am doing now or directing a non-profit supplying grants to people with disabilities.

Where would you love to live? After visiting Portland, I could enjoy that- although I LOVE Chicago. Best city in the world!

Dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? Alex Trebek, I’d ask him tons of Jeopardy questions to see if he actually knew them or if he is only a card reader.

During your child hood what was your favorite cartoon? Flinstones, Tom & Jerry, GI Joe and Thundercats

How many pairs of shoes do you own? About 8, they never wear out

Favorite original Nintendo game? of course, Mario Bros!

Your default karaoke song? NEVER

Type of gum you like? Orbit

A short term goal – Try to help someone in someway everyday

A Long term goal – Leave a legacy for my family and everyone I have interacted with. As Humans, we need to be there for one another. Every single person in this world has value and potential.

To contact Nick, send us an email at and we’ll put you two in touch!

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