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Peer Connect “Parent of SCI/D”


When an individual acquires a spinal cord injury, it has an impact on the entire family. Parents have to quickly learn to navigate the confusing world of medical care, health insurance, caregiving and financial strain when their child is diagnosed with a SCI.

In November 2020 we hosted a discussion specifically for “Parents of SCI/D” where they could learn from other families going through similar situations and share advice they gained throughout the years. Participants that attended expressed that it was an inclusive, welcoming and secure place to share their stories and thoughts.

“Meeting with other parents of SCI children was so beneficial to me as a mother.  SCI is a lonely journey and a path no one understands unless you or a loved one has traveled.  Being able to hear others stories made me feel less alone.   A support group such as this provides a safe place to ask questions and share triumphs and struggles regarding our children’s unexpected path.  I would encourage any mother or father to join in to share their story and gain insight from others.”      -Patty G.

“Due to my son’s accident I have become aware of organizations with invaluable information, only needed by those affected by the impact of SCI. It was heartfelt to meet with other parents whose life changed dramatically in an instant. Thank you BACKBONES for bringing us together to share stories, hopefully insight to ongoing resources.”       -Tess

Because this event was so beneficial we will be offering additional meetings for parents to connect in 2021! Our informal chat will offer a space to learn from and support other parents going through the ups and downs that come with spinal cord injuries.

If you are interested in joining our PeerConnect “Parents of SCI/D” sessions please complete the form below.




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