Q&A- I’m 13 and my mom has a SCI


My name in Emily and I am 13 years old. I was just 11 when she fell and got hurt. On December 3, 2010 at 7:05 (before school) she went in the garage attic to get me a warmer coat. I went in the house to finish getting ready for school. Then I heared a bam and my mom scream. I ran in and she was on the concrete floor in an unnature form. She yelled at my brother to call 911 and she gave me a crash course on CPR. We lived just a few miles from the hospital, by the time the ambulance got there I was in tears and scared for her and the pregnancy she told me about just days before. When my mom was being taken care of, my brother and I called our stepfather. She was taken to the hospital and we followed. After a few hours (long enough to cry, call family, and be worried) we were told she broke her back and will have to be rushed to a hospital 3 hours away. So me and my brother were taken home and my stepfather went to the new hospital. The next day we were told she broke her T10, T11 and the baby lived through surgery. For the next month or so we went back and forth from hospital to school.

How has her injury changed your life? Well to say it shortly, I had to pick up a lot of responsibility (more than a normal kid) and I became home schooled to help my mom around the house and take care of my baby brother. Besides that I have learned that no place is really handicap able witch I never really thought about before. I have also learned a ton of medical stuff that my mom said that she did not even know when first going to medical school. Everyone says I need to be a doctor.

What do love most about your mom? I don’t really think of her as different because of the wheelchair. I feel that just because she needs more help and takes long to do things does not make her different. But if I had to say the thing that I love the most about her is how hard she worked and all the love you can see.


My name is Eric and I am 13. I was 7 when my mom was injured. A man in a Cadillac was speeding through a parking lot and Ran over my mom. They were most likely intoxicated. It was a hit and run. That broke almost all of her bones, but c6,c7,&c7 was the part of her spine that caused the SCI. she hit her head pretty hard too that put her into coma. I wasn’t even allowed to see her for a month while she was in ICU.

How has her injury changed your life? The injury changed my life in more ways than I can count. The main ones are us moving from our home in Mobile Alabama across the US to Northwest Washington state. They wouldn’t give her any Rehabilitation in Mobile. So we found a hospital in Washington that said they would help. I also had to grow up faster and become more responsible.

What do love most about your mom? The best thing about my mom is she will not give up. Even after everything that has happened she still gets me from football, cooks, and cleans. She is the best Mom.

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