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Photographer: Angelina Giles

It wasn’t a big surprise that I was part “tom boy” when it came to sports. I had talent and love for competition! I received an athletic scholarship to play soccer for Southern Virginia University. “After graduation, I moved back to Utah, met Trevor, got married, and had our first child.

In August 2002, we were on our way home from a night out when our tire blew, causing us to roll and throwing me from the car. I broke my back at the T12/L1 level, leaving me paralyzed from the hips down. I woke up knowing I was paralyzed and doctors told me I was pregnant. Yes, pregnant and paralyzed! I had to be careful but in February I was able to deliver my daughter, Kindra.

I eventually discovered my love for downhill adaptive skiing, handcycling, and completed my first marathon. I was hooked.

When asked if I would ever take back the accident I reply ‘NO.’ I wouldn’t have learned many lessons about myself, my life, or my potential, had it not been for this incident. I have hard days, but new doors always open and I’m continually amazed at the opportunities I’ve been given.