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Photographer: Daniel Setiawan

In 2000, Keith-Ann was a college junior. Fatefully, a car accident on July 4th changed the course of her future. “Pray for me,” she told her boyfriend from underneath their overturned vehicle. The carelessness of another driver caused a spinal cord injury at the C6/7 level, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. She refused to put her life on hold. Keith-Ann participated in traditional and experimental rehabilitation while continuing her education. She walked across the stage using a walker and electrical stimulation to accept her bachelor’s degree in 2002.

Keith-Ann married in 2005 and the newlyweds took a leap of faith moving to San Diego, where she began participating in a recovery program called Project Walk. Keith-Ann’s goal was not to walk. It was to be able to use the restroom independently. After three years, not only was Keith-Ann going to the restroom on her own, but she was walking with arm crutches. It was time for the couple to fulfill their dream of starting a family, and they wanted to do this in Texas.

Currently, Keith-Ann works full-time as a tax manager and serves as the Executive Director of Project Walk – Austin, a non-profit certified facility of Project Walk. With her husband’s help as facility manager, they are helping others recover. Furthermore, God blessed Keith-Ann and Chad with two beautiful, healthy children. With so much to be thankful for, Keith-Ann has no doubts that this is the life God planned for her.