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Photographer: Sean Dackermann

I moved from Peru to the US after high school to pursue a college education. In 2002, at age 19, I was out with friends when the driver lost control causing me to be ejected. My resulting injuries were paraplegia, above the knee amputation, and a broken hand. I moved back with my parents and was heartbroken. But being with my family, with their love and support, helped me not give up on life. I had to do something with my life and not let my disability stop me. I started driving with the help of hand-controls and adaptive equipment. I learned that my wheelchair was my best friend.

I met my husband, Gabriel, and got married. After two years, my daughter, Mikaela, was born. Lately, I have become interested in adaptive sports and do a lot of road tripping with the family. I am pursuing a career in Cybercrime defense, am a full time employee, military wife, and a busy mom. I have endured many challenges but am stubborn and will never let my disabilities stop me from living my life to the fullest.