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Photographer: Ed Glazar

I loved to play make-believe. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever stopped. I was fascinated with the cinema, and found myself making movies with my family’s home video camera. My passion for film and media followed me to college, where I studied journalism and video production.

I was 20 years old when I was injured in a repelling accident falling 49 feet and severing my spine at the T9-10 level. This changed my life from a physical perspective but didn’t affect my optimism or happiness. I went back to school and began filming for the university’s news program. I became involved in adaptive recreation from hand cycling to scuba diving. It felt incredible to know I could do everything I did before my accident…and then some.

Today, I produce quality video for my company T9-10 Productions. My passion is documentary filmmaking with a focus on disability. I volunteer for an organization providing recreation for individuals with SCI. I’m involved in Utah’s Burning Man community with artists that strive to promote self-expression and creativity.

Optimism has enabled me to overcome the difficult and, what many would consider, unpleasant aspects of my life. Happiness is a value that I place above all others. I find happiness in my work and joy in my personal life. Disability didn’t change who I truly am, it enhanced it.