SCI Moms Say



We are celebrating MOMS! This weekend we’d like to give a big hug and hi-five to very special moms:

Mothers Living with spinal cord injury (SCI): These awesome moms have sustained a SCI and may have to address the issues that accompany SCI such as chronic pain, spasms, bowel/bladder care…all while raising a child on their own or with their partner. We asked moms their challenges and wish for the future- Turns out there may be challenges,but instead they share with us the joy of motherhood!

“Challenges? I don’t think so. Being a mom is hard. Chair or no chair.
I wish for my children to be happy and successful. I hope that they continue to go through life never looking at people as having a disability but just another person.” -Priscilla

“The physical and environmental challenges are frustrating, but the biggest challenges for me are the attitudinal ones; I face them head-on by being an active part of my boys lives and showing people that I’m no different from any other mom with the exception of the wheelchair. I want a future for my children that is rich with positive experiences, full of life lessons that may be difficult to overcome, but they do and are better for it. I want them to see people as they are; to be full of compassion, love, and acceptance that we are all valuable and unique individuals.” -Erin

“The best part about being a mom in a chair is that I live in my children’s zone much more now. I am their height for sweet conversations and my lap is always available for a resting spot and cuddle.The greatest challenge is my own worries about my challenges. Kids do not view disabilities like adults do and so they are much happier and content with my disability than I falsely imagine they are. I wish for my children to know that they can face their own life challenges with inner grace, strength and confidence…hopefully like their mom did.” -Alicia

“I prepared myself mentally and emotionally for my children to be embarrassed of me (as they got older) because I am a mom in chair. Funny thing though…I did not factor in that teenagers sometimes like to stand out and be different. I am considered one of the “cool” moms by my kiddo’s friends. Perhaps it is because I am different.” -Penny

A special shout out to moms of those who have been injured. Many times moms step up and help their sons/daughters who have been injured, as a caregiver, an advocate, a nurse, a cook, a friend, or someone who gives that extra push when needed. Thank you moms! We know it can be tough!

“My mother took care of all of my bathing and self care needs every night when I was in the hospital for three months. She was working full time and still managed to give me her time.” -Lyndsey

“When the injury occurred 15 years ago, we were thrown into a world we had no idea of, with no support – it was beyond horror. The injury has changed my perspective on what’s important in life, prior to my son’s accident I was all about my career. I was on my own, my plan was to amass enough money to semi retire at 55 fully retire at 60 and work with endangered species. This never happened. My career wasn’t important anymore I learned to celebrate the now, enjoy the now…I try and advise people that lives can change in a heartbeat, enjoy! What has been most rewarding is the people I have met thru this injury.” -Kay

“My mom is the best warrior I ever had! She give me strength to keep going and the love to help me move on when I was giving up!” -Maday

“A super hero. She believed in me at a time when I no longer believed in myself. She is my #1 cheerleader!” -Cecilia

“My mom was amazing! She was a fighter for me when I couldn’t fight for myself. She besieged the heavens with prayer and lit candles to usher me through that darkness. I’m a stronger man because of her! Love you Mom!” –West



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