As an individual, you have the power to make a difference but together we ROCK (and roll)!

Volunteer. With the drive and the expertise of each and every one of our volunteers, BACKBONES can operate to the max and connect people worldwide. BACKBONES volunteers step up to make every day rock! We welcome anyone who wants to get involved!

Connect. Whether you’ve just been injured or it’s been years, it feels great to connect with someone who’s been there. Share ideas on trying a new sport, tips on parenting, college experiences, or accessible travel destinations… BACKBONES helps bridge that connection by finding and pairing people with similar injuries, backgrounds, experiences, and hobbies. Through BACKBONES’ Connections even if you are the only person in your town or city with a SCI, you’re part of something bigger… an entire group of people connected by common experiences!

Sponsor. Involvement is what we’re all about! Whether you’re a community member, local business, or corporation, you can do good by turning our event into a success and our mission into a reality. Plus it’ll make you look extra cool! If you or your company are interested in sponsoring an event, donating a service, or an in-kind gift, complete the form

Donate. With your contributions BACKBONES continues to make meaningful connections between individuals with similar injuries and experiences. We value your commitment to our mission! Every day you help build a larger network and connect people more efficiently.