graphic reads Women & SCI/D Health TalksWomen & SCI/D Health Talks is a community lead program aimed to provide women with SCI information about sexual health and community and space to discuss topics such as sex, pleasure, women’s health, and relationships. This program is open to women with SCI/D ages 18 and over.

The program will begin with listening sessions and goal-setting. Activities that may result from these sessions can include:

  • Monthly Book or Film Discussions
  • Health Talks with special guests
  • Social Happy Hours

We want to hear from you! Please sign up for one of the listening sessions below to help us gather feedback and learn what topics are important to you. These sessions are exclusively for women with SCI/D.

Listening Session #1: Wednesday, July 28th at 12pm CST

Listening Session #2: Thursday, July 29th at 7pm CST

*This program made possible by the Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellowship and facilitated by BACKBONES and Emilie Lacy a doctoral student studying Disability Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago.