Women & SCI/D Health Talks is a community-led program providing women with spinal cord injuries and disabilities (SCI/D) information about health, well-being, and community. The program offers a variety of avenues to discuss topics such as sexuality, body image, independence, women’s health, relationships and more.

Live and Recorded Webinars

Monthly webinars hosted the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Learn directly from other women with SCI/D and/or health experts. Webinars are open to the public and recorded for future viewing on our YouTube Channel.

Small Group Discussions

One week after each webinar we host small interactive group discussions. These sessions are meant to help unpack the information and learn from one another. If you are a woman with SCI/D and are interested in participating in these sessions please complete the form below and we will schedule a brief 10 minute Zoom call with you to welcome you to the group.

These sessions are exclusively for those who identify as women with SCI/D.

Spinal cord Injury level, transverse myelitis, etc.
We will be scheduling daytime and evening sessions to accommodate different schedules. Please let us know what you prefer.