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Wine On Wheels Tasting Events ‘Turn Wine Into Hope’

Forbes, January 14, 2020
Alex Elegudin and Yannick Benjamin met when they sustained spinal cord injuries in the same month. Both young men with eyes on the future, they watched each other advance in their chosen field, Elegudin as a patent attorney and
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Reel Abilities Film Festival: Diversity includes disability too

Chicago Tribune, August 8, 2019
Remember James Cameron’s 2009 film “Avatar?” Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) plays a paralyzed former Marine who becomes mobile again through human/Na’vi hybrid links, a mind/body connection to move around the outpost Pandora.
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ReelAbilities Film Festival: A lineup of features and documentaries centering people with disabilities

Chicago Tribune. September 28, 2017
Wheelchair basketball players Mario and Jeremie tip off in the documentary "The Rebound," which is screening as part of the ReelAbilities Film Festival. (Chad Andreo photo)
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dance sparks

For People with Spinal Injuries, Dance Sparks Creativity and Community

The Chicago Community Trust. April 27, 2017
In a small studio on the third floor of the Old Town School of Folk Music’s Szold Hall, fourteen people sat in a circle. One by one they went around the room, each saying their name and improvising a small movement with their arms or legs.
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