Join Xerox and sponsor BACKBONES as part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month


Allan Samson is Vice President and Head of Global Corporate Security for Xerox and a current Board member at BACKBONES.

We had a chance to interview Allan and learn more about his passion for both Xerox and BACKBONES.  He also discussed what makes these organizations stand out in terms of support and advocacy for individuals with disabilities.

Can you tell us what Xerox is doing to promote and support those with disabilities?

Xerox is a technology company that strongly advocates for disability inclusion and recognizes its immense benefits. In fact, our motto,”We Make Work, Work,” reflects our mission to make work inclusive for individuals with disabilities. 

Take Enable_All, our Employee Resource Group which is empowered to eliminate the unconscious biases that many individuals hold. For example, we have individuals with disabilities leading global programs for our company because It is not solely about disability, but rather about a person’s ability and promoting equality.

What motivated you to join the BACKBONES Board?

I suffered a spinal injury while working for the US Government in 2014. The injury was severe, requiring four spinal surgeries. However, with unwavering determination, extensive physical therapy, and support from my family, I rebuilt my body and regained my strength. I am grateful everyday for my health, and I know there are those not as lucky as me. 

Upon discovering the mission of Backbones, to connect those with Spinal Cord Injury/ Disease (SCI/D) and their families, I decided to join their Board and contribute to positive change for individuals with disabilities. As someone fortunate enough to have recovered from my injury, I consider it my duty to give back as much as I can. 

Tell us more about Xerox support of BACKBONES and the BACKBONES Leaders Program

Since promoting diversity and inclusivity is such a core belief, Xerox did not hesitate to sponsor the BACKBONES Leaders Program, whose mission matches this ethos. The BACKBONES Leaders program is entering its 5th year in 2024. It is led by individuals with disabilities, and its curriculum is designed to empower participants, helping them develop their leadership skills, build confidence, and enhance their ability to achieve their life goals after a Spinal Cord Injury/ Disease (SCI/D). And I believe it is a wonderful example of how to nurture untapped potential amongst motivated & driven individuals who happen to have a spinal cord injury. 

What is your Call to Action to others?

I invite other groups and corporations to join Xerox in supporting the amazing programs offered at BACKBONES in honor of National Disability Employment Awareness month.

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For more information on sponsorships and program support email Reveca Torres (Executive Director) at