Must Watch Docs on Disability


Dance, poetry, motherhood, survival, friendships, adrenaline, and new outlooks on life!

In the past couple of years there have been a handful of documentary films made by or about people with spinal cord injuries and disabilities. They will make you laugh, cry and ultimately connect to the human experience of living with SCI/D.

We are proud and inspired to see authentic stories from our community. Check out these five documentaries you must watch!

Move Me [2022]
At 27, Kelsey Peterson dove into Lake Superior, off the shores of Wisconsin, and emerged paralyzed. Now, the former dancer struggles to redefine who she is while adapting to life with a disability. At the intersection of acceptance and hope, Kelsey unexpectedly finds herself facing an opportunity to dance again, showing her a new path toward acceptance, all the while grappling with a decision to participate in a cutting-edge clinical trial that could bring her much-desired change – forcing her to evaluate the possibilities of her recovery, body and spirit. 

Fire Through Dry Grass [2023]
Wearing snapback caps and Air Jordans, the Reality Poets aren’t typical nursing home residents. In Fire Through Dry Grass, these young, Black and brown disabled artists document their lives on lockdown during Covid, their rhymes underscoring the danger and imprisonment they feel. In the face of institutional neglect, they refuse to be abused, confined, and erased. 

Dani’s Twins [2022]
Dani’s Twins captures the pregnancy and early parenting journey of Dani Izzie, one of the few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins. Complications prove dangerous, but when the pandemic strikes, it raises the stakes.

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived [2023]
A coming-of-age documentary of Daniel Radcliffe and his stunt double David Holmes, whose close friendship endures a life-changing accident.

Adaptation [2023]
Adaptation is a feature documentary following a group of wheelchair athletes as they converge in British Columbia, Canada for the BC Summer Race Series. The World’s first downhill mountain bike race series to include an adaptive category.