Wheelchair Parade


May 23rd– First day of awesome weather in Chicago 2010 and what does the BACKBONES crew decide to do?


We stuffed our cars with cool hats and wheelchairs, dogs and Winnie the Pooh…frames, balls, sunglasses, umbrellas…and a TUBA.

Sunday morning drive to Montrose Beach. Stop the clown car and out pour the people and props ready to strike a pose.

The sun was hot and successful at giving us a rosy glow. In fact the whole day was a success because the talented Mr. Kyle LaMere from iShootRockStars captured all the goodness and beauty of our fabulous BACKBONES volunteers.

I can only imagine what onlookers were thinking as many people stopped to witness the magic or just openly stare at this procession of wheels, animals and instruments. Whatever it was they thought, they were spectators of the beginning of something special. These photographs are not only images for the new website, they are the BACKBONES vision. What was so special is that we were friends and family having fun putting aside any differences and limitations- supporting each other’s accomplishments and loving every minute of it.

Thank you to all you clowns that joined us that day! Much love!

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