Q&A with Carol Klemm (a mother)


Carol and Tim with the family right behind them at the BACKBONES 5K 2012

When you found out Tim was injured what were your biggest concerns for him?

Coming to the realization…..I was concerned that Timothy would have a lifetime of rehabilitation in some way or another with the severity of his injury.

His ability to accept the injury.

That he would be able to use the personality and strength he always had and use it to his benefit in his recovery.

How he would now be accepted by friends and the “walking world” in general.

How he and all the people that cared for him would be able to know which “medical, holistic, alternative” treatments would be the best and our ability to provide and get him to receive what he needed….for rehabilitation and recovery.

Did you know other families/mothers going through the same situation?

Only during our 4 month stay at Rehabilitation of Chicago…after his accident occurred. No one during our years of therapies afterwards.

How do you think it has affected Tim in his recovery, the fact that he has other friends with SCI?

I believe it has been very important both emotionally and physically……at times it is hard to see and be around others that share the same difficulties. He’s wanted to help others as much as himself and it causes him to over think at times. But, it is a comfort and gives him strength and perseverance to  see and exchange friendship, knowledge and encouragement with and to those that have a better idea of the situations presented with a spinal cord injury. MOST IMPORTANTLY the positivity and how genuine the SCI people he is around are. It’s of MAJOR IMPORTANCE.

As a mother, how do you feel currently about Tim and his accomplishments?

I am deeply proud of his own strengths and commitment to his rehabilitation and recovery. He has always set in his MIND and HEART to what he wanted to accomplish…and he is always interested in listening to ALL/ANY ideas or advice given to him….and then communicating, researching, and finding what is best for him to continue on his path to recovery.

Even with the difficulties and hardships he faces he has most definitely done his very best to continue to learn, grow, change in all the important ways necessary from age 18 (age of injury) to the handsome husband and father he is today.


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