Rob Roddy- High Roller #13


As a growing child you learn things from your parents or your older siblings, or you figure it out yourself. After a spinal cord injury, sometimes you have to relearn how to do many activities of daily living.

You have options!!– Figure it out on your own or to learn from others!

Rob Roddy was 19 years old and in his first year of college when he was struck by a car and paralyzed at the side of the road. It was early in his recovery that he decided he would learn from others and in turn pass on what he learned. Rob met other wheelchair users and started rock climbing and wheelchair racing. He got a job, went back to school and never made excuses!  Rob attributes his “no excuses” attitude to his good friend, Todd Brown, founder of 180 Medical. Rob and Todd were injured only 3 weeks apart and eventually met each other and became a source of support for each other. They have participated in racing, trialthlons, marathons and many activities together.

Todd had a vision to turn people’s lives around, 180 style! Through 180 Medical, Rob has created the SCI Connection Forum and built a network of people working toward helping each other after spinal cord injury. In addition to SCI Connection, Rob is awesome! He goes back to hospitals or rehab centers and shares information with newly injured people, telling them what is available out there and sharing his story. Rob’s helping people get their lives back!

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