Soccer moms BEWARE!


justin_vanThere’s a new van in town!

So you thought minivans were for soccer moms, huh?

Well it turns out a bunch of us wheelchair users use minivans as a mode of transportation after injury. Modified minivans have under-the-floor or fold-out ramps that make it easy to roll right up to the steering wheel and drive from your wheelchair.

They aren’t a sports car but they can be cool when you get creative.

Justin Spurlock was paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident in 2002, when he fell asleep at the wheel. He has always loved cars and quickly relearned to drive using hand controls. Justin decided he needed to make his van cool if he was going to be riding it everywhere. He started off with a basic modified van with hand controls, some cool rims, and exhaust. When he took his van to a car show it got awarded. He realized he was onto something and so continued to make improvements to his van making it look and reflect his style and personality. In the past three years, Justin has received over 30 awards at different car shows for his van.

Justin also gives back to his community and others who have been recently injured. By putting together a charity car show that benefited a newly injured individual Justin was able to bring together over 300 cars to be shown and raised up to $15,000 in one show. With the help of sponsors, all proceeds went to the family in need. Because it was so successful, Justin has just repeated a second car show benefiting a second family affected by spinal cord injury.

The car industry is taking notice to what Justin doing and he has been able to secure a handful of sponsors who really believe in his work. Justin is educating those with SCI about the freedom of driving after your injury, and that your van doesn’t have to be boring. Justin is also helping mainstream an adapted vehicle by showing at SEMA this November in Las Vegas.

Whether it’s your vehicle, a wheelchair, crutches, walkers or braces…just remember that these pieces of equipment that make your life a little easier don’t have to be bland, ugly or completely mechanical looking. Own them and give them a little of your style!

For more information on Justin and the van CLICK HERE

[Sponsors: Accuair Suspension, JL Audio, Killer Kreations Art Studio, Odyssey Batteries, Fibernew, Stitches, K&N Filters, PIAA, Airbagit, Borla Performance Exhaust, Mothers Polish] Custom work on the vehicle was done by MasterAutomotive in Aylett, Va and suspension modifications by Superior Autoworks LLC in Richmond, Va.

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