What If I Need To Go To The Hospital?


We hope that no one has to go to the hospital due to COVID-19 symptoms but what if there are no options? Have you made a list for the possibilities of going to the hospital? For example, when you go to the ER there are a lot of intake questions and you may not be in a state to answer them and educate the hospital staff about your unique needs as a person with SCI/D. Our friend Candace Cable came up with a list and we want to share it with you (feel free to add your own) so you can be as prepared as possible in the event you need to go to the hospital.

It is a good idea to share this with someone who you consider an advocate who can make sure to inform hospital staff.

Go To Hospital List 


Date of Birth 



Martial Status 

Blood Type 




Copy of Insurance and legal ID cards 

Social Security Number (not sure if this is needed anymore) 

Primary Care Physician (PCP) 

PCP Phone Number 

Emergency Contact or Advocate (maybe should have more than one) 


Medications and doses 

Supplements and doses 

Medical History 

All medical devices in body here or surgeries that may be relevant. 

Information about my disability and add any specifics necessary for comprehension and assume that the hospital staff knows nothing about your disability needs. 

  • Disability
  • Date
  • Sensation and function levels
  • Non-Ambulating / Ambulating
  • Best way to move and lift you
  • Bladder Care and routine
  • Bowel program information
  • Autonomic Dysreflexia and what that is.
  • Skin Care (example: feet should be covered with loose-fitting socks; roll every couple hours)
  • Circulation Care (example: elevated legs while in bed. Type of bed needed to prevent pressure)
  • Any bodily functions that are compromised listed
  • Advanced Directive document 


The Disability Underground Network is a group of disabled advocates and activists focused on COVID-19 related rapid response needs and support for the disability community nationwide. FIND ON FACEBOOK

If you or anyone you know is need of medical advocacy or any other mutual aid support, feel free to call the hotline. It operates 24/7.

Photo description: bubble head in white that reads in blue letters “Disability COVID-19 Healthcare Support Advocacy Hotline” in black letters “(800) 626-4959”. In blue letters “Call us if you are disabled and need COVID-19 related medical advocacy or other support. On the left corner side is reads in white letter, blue background “Contact Disability Underground at: contact@disabilityunderground.org. In collaboration with The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies (their logo is displayed). On the right lower corner there is a smartphone whose screen reads #”#WeAreEssential #NobodyIsDisposable #DisabledNotDisposable #Covid19

We hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe. Please share with others so everyone can be as prepared as possible. 

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